Quad Safari - Tour de Brač

Bol 4-18 persons 3 Hours ID: BR-TR-148

Prices from: 49.00 € / person

Quad Safari - Tour de Brač

To visit Island Brač without experiencing QUAD SAFARI-TOUR DE BRAČ,can only mean one thing-sadly You have not seen a thing!

When will You have the opportunity to explore the most beautiful island in the Adriatic,"riding"on quads?

Under controlled conditions and with experienced guide,You will have no trouble handling quaddriving,and our security instructions as our safety equipment,will surely help you enjoy this adventure relaxed and with a smiling face all the way.

The 70km of meandering country roads take us through forest and water puddles,they offer us dust and nature experience, we make frequent stops and everywerearound us is unspoilt nature,domestic and wild animals.

You will be completely enchanted by the view upon the highest peak off Adriatic islands,Vidova gora ,778m. Macadam road leads all the way to the sea,where we discover numerous hidden bays and beaches from the farytales. Autentic wine tasting in Murvica helps you calm yourself after adrenaline rush and gives the chance for sharing the impressions.

At the end of this QUAD SAFARI adventure,you can calmly and proudly say:


Quad Safari begins with preparations,instructions and  safety information. Our advice for the pleasant experience:right clothes,closed schoes,sun glasses and water. Quad,helmet,fuel,wine tasting,assurance and guide are included in the price.

QUAD SAFARI - TOUR DE BRAČ- surely the best thing that can happen to You on the Island of Brač !

We wish You a pleasant and unforgettable adventure.