Apartments ASTRID - Korak do mora Apartment

Bol - Bay Vela Farska
ID: 51984

Apartments ASTRID - Korak do mora Apartment

UNIQUE! This one listing includes 2 apartments, 1st with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and living room AND 2nd is cute studio style apartment with SEPARATE entrance with additional pull out sleeper and bathroom! For months of May and September you may request to book 2 bedroom apartment without t...

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Vacation House ASTRID Korak do mora

Apartments ASTRID - Korak do mora Apartmen...

Bol - Bay Vela Farska - Private accommmodation
Prices from: 120 Per night


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Why visit Bay Vela Farska?

Farska cove, with a beautiful pebble beach, lies on the southern shoreline of the island of Brač. Neatly tilled vineyards that extend all the way to the sea contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of this quiet cove. If you are looking for a holiday away from the city crowds, visit the Farska cove and enjoy the tranquillity and scents of the lush flora of the island of Brač.

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