The day with Brac Romans and Illyrians

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The day with Brac Romans and Illyrians

Step back in time: The day with Brac Romans and Illyrians

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While enjoying your stay in Sunny Supetar Vacation Getaway, choose some time to explore the secrets of the island of Brac. Step back in time, pass your day with the Romans.

Hire a car or book at taxi for a ride that will last approximately 15-minutes.
You can also hike to Splitska, and then to abandoned Roman quarry Rosohe, where they extracted stones to build a beautiful palace of Emperor Diocletian in Split.
In Rosohe is otherwise the relief of the ancient hero Hercules.
You can also stop at the remains of an early Christian church of St. Jadre from the 6th or 7 century.

Then go to Skrip, the oldest and one of the most authentic places on Brac.
In Skrip can find traces of Illyrian, Roman and early Croatian culture.
An interesting Museum of the island of Brač, which is located in the Radivojković tower provides an overview of the turbulent history of the island, its greatest poets and artists, and peaceful agrarian lifestyle.
Radivojković tower itself was built on the foundations of a Roman mausoleum, which are part of the famous "cyclopean walls."
Legend has it that he was buried in the mausoleum of Prisca and Valeria, the wife and daughter of the famous emperor Diocletian.
At the end of the visit Skrip, visit the new Museum of Olive Oil.

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