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Brac route of dowry

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Brac route of dowry

Brac route of dowry

While enjoying your stay at Sunny Supetar Vacation Getaway, make your time to visit Donji Humac and Nerezisce rural areas. The road that connects the two was once a place for socializing and gathering of young people, and plenty of emotion. It is now an deserted road so one can explore the artistic representation of this road in order to establish a dialogue of man and space.

One of the primary elements of the merger of these two places are marriages that were created precisely on that road.
Dowry is something that is required by law to belong to the woman with the aim to protect them.
Textile handicrafts, lbed linen, towels, tablecloths... this was also an opportunity to help women show their creativity.
And it is known that the authors of these textile works of art, often original, handicrafted sign and monograms or initials.

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