Dive into the Supetar Blue

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Dive into the Supetar Blue

Dive into the Supetar Blue

Croatian Sea is called Adriatic, and counts as one of the most tranquil waters in the world. Several reasons for this unique feature exist, including a lack of polluting industry and the directions of the currents. Virtually all unwanted substances are removed from the country’s coasts by nature itself, and upon this filtering, all what is left is crystal Adriatic. When the surface is not azure, you can observe the bottom through the texture of what seems to be a liquid glass.

Rich in life, and providing wonderful scenery for underwater activities, this sea became internationally renowned for its beauty. Add the fact that Croats have been developing their culture on the coast since 7th century, and you will understand why thousands of foreign visitors come to this country.

We at Sunny Supetar Vacation Getaway invite you to enjoy your stay, and dive into the Supetar Blue.
You will see the natural beauties of the island and relax in the voyage by sea. Brac is home to diving. Indented coast makes it one of the most desirable areas in the Mediterranean.

According to a series of annual reports by the European Environmental Agency, the quality of the sea bathing water in Croatia is rated among the best in Europe. Croatia is in the top three countries in Europe, Cyprus and Malta. As said mr. Zmajlovic, the drafting of a marine strategy to 2020, expected to be adopted next year, and this year will be made an action program with concrete measures to improve the marine environment.

According to the final grade for the past four seasons, from 2010 to 2013, the quality of the bathing water was excellent and good in 99 per cent of the points, while 0.77 percent of them rated satisfactory and unsatisfactory 0.33 percent. Each year, the annual quality assessment must, as the final score, which includes the previous four seasons.

- Croatia's finishes at the top in Europe - its sea is clean, on which we can rightly be proud of. In the last four seasons sea bathing water quality was excellent or good in 99 percent of the points of measurement. Our obligation is to work to preserve the condition and to transform this potential into sustainable growth and development, especially in tourism, said Zmajlovic.

The quality control of the Adriatic Sea is carried out in accordance with the Regulation on the quality of bathing water and the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the management of bathing water quality, and the program carried out by accredited laboratories.

With crystal Adriatic Sea, strong culinary identity, hundreds of events to visit and thousands of things to do, Croatia is truly one of world’s hottest tourist destinations.

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