Educational trail Song at the Sea

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Educational trail Song at the Sea

Educational trail Song at the Sea

Welcome to Supetar!

During your stay in Sunny Supetar Vacation Getaway, visit Sutivan & educational trail "Song at the sea " which in the best way covers the municipalities and connects all the valuable cultural, historical, natural and landscape point.

The municipality began decorating one of the major interest points: the Vele puddles, in the southwestern part of the territory, near Goli hills. It is a site that falls under the protection of Natura 2000 network, because of the great importance of the preservation of plant and animal diversity of the surrounding ecosystem.

Pool also has historical value for life of people of Sutivan. In times of drought it was the only one in which there was always water, so Sutivan women several times per day attended the puddle and brought water to their thirsty households.

Landscaping of the site includes picnic area equipped with tables and benches, relaxation and meditation or watching wildlife near the ponds, and the educational and informational content (info - panel ) as well as information on permitted behavior in relation to the protection of the site.

This project connects educational paths of neighboring municipalities. The project was hit in 2013!!