Mirca, carefree vacation village of olive growers and artists

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Mirca, carefree vacation village of olive growers and artists

Mirca, carefree vacation village of olive growers and artists

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During your Supetar stay, plan to visit Mirca. Mirca is a small village located 3 km west of Supetar, in the Sutivan direction, on the northern coast of the island. It was founded in 1579.

Mirca are characterized by a typical rustic atmosphere of a small Mediterranean town. In the old alleys open-air exhibitions are prepared, and many tourists can admire the works of the artist.

Mirca is a place with about 350 residents who traditionally live off of fruit and vines. In the building of the old oil mill, the museum of oil production opened as part of a project called Carefree vacation village of olives and artists. This is the first Dalmatian museum on oil production and the project which should profile this micro-destination and make it identifiable to tourists.

Beautiful sandy beach with pine trees offer a truly Mediterranean atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Gumonca Restaurant, located on the coast, offers superior and the famous Dalmatian specialties.

Parish Church of Our Lady of the Visitation was built in 1733. Inside the church is a "Pieta" built in 1783 by Supetar painter Felix Tironi.

Peace, preserved nature and the proximity of Supetar, the main ferry port of the island, makes Mirca interesting destination for guests who want to experience the authentic atmosphere of island life.

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