Mushrooms of Brač island

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Mushrooms of Brač island

Mushrooms of Brač island

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Sunny Supetar Vacation Getaway brings you information about mushrooms on Brac island. The most common opinion of inhabitants of continental areas is that mushroom is not very widely spread, and that in Dalmatia there are no fungus or that they are negligible. But the truth is that there are indeed many, in types and quantity.

Solely on the island of Brac, the number of species a few years ago  crossed two thousand. Questionable species are carefully verified, and each season brings forth new types - constantly encouraging the joy of exploration, photography, determination , learning and comprehension of overwhelming taxonomic and morphological complexity, and certainly providing the pleasure of consuming.

People from Brač traditionally enjoy Lactarius (L. sanguifluus), slightly less Rujnica (L. deliciosus), and in recent years they are slowly introduced to a number of other edible species, for example - sunstroke, boric tack, wood blewit, puffball, morel, wood ears...

Brac is a large island, almost 40 kilometers long Vid mountain with its 780 meters makes Brac the highest of the Dalmatian islands. It is very diverse in every sense and it is not rare to be traveling to the south coast, across Vid mountain to the north coast and to change three different microclimates in a single day. Geo position of Brač causes the majority of fruiting during the later autumn and mild winter for a series of species found through December, some even in January.

Interest in the study of fungi on the island of Brac is on the rise in recent years, and with all health and joy that such a hobby can produce, and with the valuable contribution of science - the time is ripe to reflect on the establishment of mushroom association.

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