Six Brac dessert that you must try

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Six Brac dessert that you must try

Six brac dessert that you must try

Welcome to Supetar!

During your stay in Supetar, you have a unique opportunity to try six brac dessert (and more of them, of course, but in this section is the only one that should not be missed) ...

Arancini - This is a sweet which you simply will not be able to resist. The important thing is to get the local orange because without it there is no beautiful and healthy arancini.

Budin or Flan - Neither party does not go without it, no matter how many other cakes either. It is the queen of celebratory table! Ingredients are no different from the English creams, just a little odds and all her secret caramel sauce.

Hrapoćuša or 'Dol cake' - was declared a protected monument Croatia! Hrapoćušu, which because of its ingredients, also called Brac sweet aphrodisiac, is unique for its rough and rustic appearance, and was named by local stone "hrapoćuša" that it looks like. 

Hroštule - Top celebrity is Brač hroštule! Neither party does not go without them, because not only are they delicious, but also very nice looking. Hroštule taste simple, sweet, unique, crispy. Who tries hroštule feels like heaven!

Paradižet or "Šnenokrle" - Paradižet recipe is known around the world, simple desserts perfect for hot summer days. The recipe consists of only four foods that almost always have at home. Worthy substitute for ice cream.

Pršurate or Fritters - Christmas on the island is not Christmas if there are no pršurata. Pršurate are round delicacy sprinkled with sugar, resemble small donuts. Usually they are added liqueur, brandy and lemon peel, can contain raisins, and sprinkle the sugar. Can be prepared from dough with yeast or thicker batter with baking powder.

Your hosts in Sunny&Spacious Supetar Summer Vacation Getaway ​will be happy for the whole vacation on the island of Brac to be of service to you instructions on where to try these six brac desserts. Please feel free to contact us!

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