Six specialties and drinks from Dol that you must try

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Six specialties and drinks from Dol that you must try

Six local specialties and local drinks from Dol that you must try

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Picturesque village of Dol is an outdoor museum that offers interesting rare content that can not be seen anywhere in the world. In it, there are many authentic culinary specialties that are prepared and transmitted through generations.

During your stay in Sunny Supetar Vacation Getaway, make your time to visit a small and cozy village of Dol, only 12 kilometers from the town of Supetar, and in the tavern Toni taste local specialties and homemade beverages.

Be sure to taste the famous Brac lamb. Pastures where Brac lambs go to pasture are full of sea salt. The food is a mix of plants with different flavors mixed with sea salt so Brac lamb has a certain quality and delicious meat.

We recommend the lamb on a stick. Lamb meat is in optimal weight of the ten to twenty pounds. Grilled lamb is the main course, indigenous to the island of Brac.

Vitalac is a typical dish that represents a living link with the first contact of Greek civilization and the people of Brac. It is a dish best served in the spring when most young lambs and goats. Vitalac the main course, indigenous to Brac, located on the protected list of intangible heritage Croatia.

Hrapoćuša or Dol cake, is called Brac sweet aphrodisiac. It is a unique Dol cake, recognizable by its rough and rustic appearance, and was named after the local stone hrapoćuša of reddish color which locals of Dol once used in the construction of retaining walls, stone walls, residential and commercial complexes. Hrapoćuša dessert, also indigenous food Brac, is listed as a protected intangible heritage Croatia.

Procip is ancient and delicious dessert of caramelized curd (Brac fresh cheese). Procip must be eaten immediately, while still warm, because the cheese hardens when it cools and starts to break down and the taste begins to change.

Varenik is an ancient culinary delight known for more than 20 centuries. It is a traditional seasoning in Mediterranean cuisine, nutritionally essential addition to the finest culinary specialties of the island of Brac. This energy concentrate with a high proportion of fruit sugars and natural multivitamin and multiminerala choosing black and white indigenous grape varieties and bringing the best grapes to boiling, many also considered an aphrodisiac.

Smutnica or hmutica is indigenous Brac cocktail of fresh milk and red wine Plavac Mali. Hmutica runns from the verb hmutati or mix which follows from the meaning of "mixture". Hmutica is therefore a mixture of (wine and milk).

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