Summer in Supetar with your pet

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Summer in Supetar with your pet

Summer in Supetar with your pet

Welcome to Supetar!

Summer is the season that most of us are looking to spent as much time possible in the outdoors in various activities with our pets.

If you plan taking your pet with you on vacation, keep in mind they have some health restrictions and limitations.

Also, although swimming is great exercise for your pet during hot weather, first make sure your pet knows how to swim.

Supetar City Council adopted the Decision on public order and peace to regulate beach for dogs in the City of Supetar.

Decision to include the beaches specially designed bathing dogs states the following beaches
- Beach " Zastup " on the western part;
- The coastal strip from the eastern end of the "Bušje" to the eastern end of the "Malešnice "beach;
- The coastal strip of the bridge below the cemetery on the beach "Banj" over "cape"
- The western part of the bay "Postare" to the border with Sutivan.

All beaches will soon be marked on the map of Supetar and you can also ask your hosts in Sunny&Spacious Supetar Summer Vacation Getaway.

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