Villa Olim Civitas

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Villa Olim Civitas

Villa Olim Civitas is a modern stone villa located in the heart of a peaceful village Škrip. Škrip is the oldest settlement on the Island of Brač. This three bedroom fully equipped house offers everything that you need for an ideal vacation. A beautiful outdoor terrace with barbeque equipm...

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Vacation House Villa Olim Civitas

Villa Olim Civitas

Škrip - Private accommmodation
Prices from: 382 Per night


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Why visit Škrip?

The long history and culture of the island of Brač is best seen in Škrip – the oldest settlement on the island. Prehistoric town walls, numerous archaeological finds, several sarcophagi, reliefs and medieval graves are an evidence of the long history of the place and the lives of its people. Where there once stood Illyrian town walls from 1400 BC, later was a Roman mausoleum, then a Radojković Tower built for defensive purposes and today it is a museum of the island of Brač. The museum displays interesting exhibits from Kopačina cave, Roman tomb-stones, sea charts and diverse folk handicrafts from the entire island. This jewel of historical and cultural heritage has always been a very popular tourist destination.

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